Joker Collection BS-9 Hello blades lovers, Today we present the BS9 collection of the Joker cutlery, designed by J.Sabater and that will go on sale this week.

Joker knives

Outstanding in this collection is the knife of Bushcraft and Survival Joker BS9 Nordico, manufactured under the Designation of Origin of Albacete (Spain). It is a perfect sports knife for your outdoor outings. The Joker Nordic Bushcraft and Survival Knife BS9 Nordico is made of stainless steel Sandvik 14C28N blade with a blade length of 10.5 cm, a thickness of 3.7mm, the length of the handle is 11.5 cm and can be Acquire in different finishes such as curly birch wood, walnut or micarta canvas. The knife is accompanied by a leather cover of first quality in brown with a stitch of high strength and hollow for the ferrocerio that comes with the knife's finish. In addition, the case allows both a tall vertical height as low as desired or depending on the circumstances in which you will work in the bush. The Joker company is attached to the Designation of Origin of Albacete thus fulfilling all quality standards that the seal "Cuchilleria de Albacete" requires all its members to be manufacturing entirely in Albacete (Spain).