Cudeman Knives Catalog

Cudeman is a very prestigious Spanish brand of knives, founded in the city of Albacete, which is very renowned for it's knife industry. Among it's best sold articles you can find the 201-V set of hunting knives, the JJSK-1 Survival Knife , the MT4 Survival Folding Knife, and many more. Find them on our page, clicking here.

However, if you can't find a particular Cudeman knife, we invite you to download here Cudeman's knife catalogue and take a look at their products. Remember that you can buy any item in the catalogue just by sending us an email with it's reference at and your postal details. You'll recieve it in 7 working days.

If you weren't familiar with the brand, we'd like it if you took your time to discover it's products and tell us which one is your favourite. If we don't currently sell it, we will definitely try to incorporate it to our catalogue in the nearest future.Thank you for helping us with the most important responsability we have: bringing our clients the best products and provide them with the best service!