The Joker BS9 Campero is a knife based on the knives of our ancestors, originally this knife emerged from the typical knives that could be found in any house mainly in the rural world. Those knives were all-terrain knives used for both the field and the kitchen. Our parents and grandparents needed a sturdy and reliable knife to go out to the mountain and work with it and that is why they took these knives that they had at home and they were modified making them of integral leaf, with greater thicknesses, the grips typically in wood that was in the area or on some occasion some antler like deer or bull if you had access to any of them and with a tip type clickpoint to help us in livestock management tasks such as castrating animals or sacrifice any of them to feed to the family.

The Joker Knife BS9 Campero is a knife that has been living in our mountains for many decades.


The Joker Knife BS9 Campero is the knife that I have seen all my life in my house, the knife of our parents and grandparents but with the technologies and advances of our days that have improved it to support any type of work that we can ask for as processing of wood to make a bonfire or to manufacture a shelter to us until the handling of pieces of hunting to process the food. It is for this reason that in our days we can thank our parents and grandparents for leaving us this valuable heritage and it is nothing more and nothing less than the best Bushcraft Knife.