freeze dried food

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In the outdoor world, it is becoming increasingly common to find people opting to eat freeze-dried recipes instead of choosing ready-made food. It is an alternative that offers a wide range of foods and allows them to be preserved without losing their nutrients over a long period of time. Moreover, it is very easy to prepare by just filling the bag with water and transporting it is no problem for the user thanks to its light weight.

Freeze-drying is a food preservation process in which the food is frozen and then thawed under vacuum at a much lower atmospheric pressure than normal. The result is a dish with no water in its composition, which allows it to last for years before being consumed.

The difference between a freeze-dried product and a dehydrated product is that the latter has a shorter shelf life because not all the water is removed from the product. On the other hand, freeze-dried products do. On the other hand, the freeze-drying process allows the original flavour to be maintained. However, as it is a longer and more expensive process, the final price tends to be a little higher.


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