led lenser h8r Core 1600 lumens | led lenser headtorch

The Ledlenser HF8R Core stands out as an adaptive powerhouse for every discerning user. Its adaptive Light Beam technology enables automatic dimming and focusing, eliminating the need for manual adjustments. With three brightness levels and a red front light, the HF8R offers versatility for various situations.


The Ledlenser HF8R Core stands out as an adaptive powerhouse.

The adaptive Light Beam technology allows for automatic dimming and focusing, making the HF8R the first hands-free headlamp without the need for manual control. With three brightness levels and a red light color option, it offers versatility.

Featuring an advanced digital focusing system, the HF8R Core ensures precise focus and can be conveniently controlled remotely through the Ledlenser Connect app. Its aluminum housing and comfortable headband enhance usability.

It automatically adjusts brightness and focus hands-free, thanks to the adaptive light beam technology.

The headlamp boasts a powerful red front light and an innovative advanced digital focusing system.

Remote control functionality is accessible via the Ledlenser Connect app.

Designed for continuous immersion in water (IP68) and equipped with an exceptionally powerful battery, it can be easily recharged through a magnetic charging system with a battery status indicator.


Lumens: 1000
Maximum Power (lumens): 1000
Maximum Range (meters): 170
Maximum Duration (hours): 60
Minimum Power (lumens): Not specified
Minimum Range (meters): Not specified
Minimum Duration (hours): Not specified
Weight (including batteries) (grams): 135 

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