In ancient times it was commonplace that weapons used for war were the go to tool for hunting, with the evolution of both hunting knives and military knives running parallel to each other it has firmly established the hunting knife as a key figure in the world of cutlery. The hunting knife has now become an indispensable tool for the hunter of today, with many knives being used mainly in the practice of sport.

Types of blades

The most common types of blades are drop point and clip point. Other types include the tanto ponit, the spear point and the trailing point. The clip point is typicaly very pointy and provides excellent control. While the drop point is typicaly broader and more durable. One way which hunting knife blades differ from those of survival knives is that survival knives often have a serrated edge fro sawing branches to make emergency shelters etc while the serrated edge is a rarity on these knives.

Different Types of hunting knives
Hunting knives typically can be catalog in 4 categories:
-The fixed blade which is the most popular kind
- The pocket knife which is moving away from stric hun-related applications and may include things like scissors and files.
-The loackback folding knife which is small type of poket knife wherein the blade locks open so as to prevent accidental closure on the fingers
On these the vast majority of hunting knives are fixed blade knives with the folding knife making up a good portion of the remaining market.

How to Choose The right Type of hunting knife?
You can get the information you need to choose the right hunting knife from our blog some post like this can help you to found the knife you are looking for.

Cudeman hunting knives Kangaroo

The olive wood has a very characteristic and appreciated appearance. The irregularity of its veins and the complex drawings that form make each piece unique. The kit of knifes cudeman 201-L are one of the best choices in the market. This kit include two knives perfect for our hunting days. This kit of Cudeman knives known as Kangaroo are composed of two knife: 21 cm blade and 13.5 cm blade. Steel: 440, leather case


Muela Bowie Hunting Knife BW-24S

Knife with integral blade manufactured by Muela model BW-24SS, especially indicated for the auction and hunting. Sheet made of MoVa steel (1.4116). Handle made of deer antler with rosette. Brass defense. Brown leather sheath.

This knife with integral blade manufactured by Muela, it especially indicated for the auction and hunting. Manufacturas Muela for more than half a century of history has a variety of models of "auction". It uses among its materials the best noble woods and antlers so each knife is unique "No two are the same".

This knife has a double-edged blade, whose main purpose is piercing and sharp. It has two asymmetric sharp blades that narrow to join a very thin tip, which easily penetrates white objects.


Nieto Apache Hunting Knife 1038

The knife Nieto apache is a knife for hunting auction with stainless steel integral blade It is a knife with integral blade manufactured by Nieto, especially indicated for the auction and hunting. Manufactured in An-58 steel of 235 with 23.5 cm. long and 4 mm thick with double edge. Handle of olive wood. Total length 365 mm. Brown leather case for the belt.